Improve Client Data

The team at The Tracing Group have a deep understanding of how poor data can negatively impact a business. Improving client data will:- 

  • improve customer relationships;

  • help an organisation to meet regulatory requirements, especially where there is a financial relationship with clients;

  • save money, through reduced wasted postage, wasted time and reduced liabilities caused from having poor data;

  • reduce risk of sending confidential information to the wrong address and avoid breaching GDPR.

Identify "gone aways"

Data screening and improvement will identify customers that have moved away from the address held or have died.

This important screening reduces the risk of sending letters containing confidential information to the wrong address and reduce liabilities (in the event of  pension payments for instance).

Reconnect with customers

An effective data screen will provide the opportunity to reconnect with customers, by locating active customers and the heirs or legal beneficiaries of deceased customers. Redirecting mail away from  the wrong address improves efficiency and avoids potential GDPR breaches.

Data Security

Protecting client data is an integral part of business operation at The Tracing Group. Achieving ISO 27001 confirms that all systems and practices reflect this high standard.

Total confidence in the safety of all data held is achieved by working closely with clients to meet the required Security Due Diligence standards.

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