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Ethics and Standards

Ethics and Standards

A complete commitment
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Ethical conduct

Complete confidentiality

The collection, protection, and use of data all call for ethical judgments.

A complete commitment to the highest ethical standards is at the core of The Tracing Group’s brand. Ethical conduct yields rewards, and unethical behaviour brings risk.

To preserve customer trust, The Tracing Group team strive to exceed all expectations for data security and privacy, ensuring that there is ethical handling of data within and beyond the organisation.

As The Tracing Group handles sensitive personal data daily, complete confidentiality must be maintained, and best practices in data protection must be demonstrated at all times.

The Tracing Group team undergo extensive screening upon recruitment, which continues throughout employment.

Regular security training and awareness programmes also take place to ensure the team keep abreast of current trends and potential risks to data protection.

Best practice

Security and data protection

Identifying and continually reviewing the latest regulations and frameworks relevant to the business ensures that The Tracing Group upholds its ISO 27001 accreditation and is at the forefront of best practices in data management and data security.

The financial services industry is tightly regulated for customer protection, and the practices demonstrated throughout The Tracing Group are fully aligned with these regulations.

Where data is collected about individuals, full disclosure is provided to ensure informed consent is obtained. Security is a crucial priority to ensure that data held by The Tracing Group is protected from intrusion, corruption and unauthorised access. A fully considerate and robust Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan is also in force.

The Tracing Group team are committed to reuniting individuals with their unclaimed assets because it is morally right, above and beyond any regulatory requirements. Data is always handled with honesty and integrity, with published policies detailing data collection, protection, and usage practices.

The Tracing Group work entirely to its ISO 27001 accreditation requirements/obligations and undergoes regular vulnerability and penetration testing.

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