For pension schemes and financial institutions, knowing if your members and customers have died is an essential part of fraud prevention and liability management.

We have a range of Existence Checking solutions for both UK and Overseas pension members or customers. These can be delivered as a standalone activity, or as part of a suite of data improvement.


Understanding if your pension members or customers are deceased and being promptly notified about deaths can be the key to good scheme governance and fraud prevention.

With options that will screen your data as frequently or infrequently as you require, we can help you to meet your regulatory obligations and save money.


Customers who have moved and failed to inform you (gone aways) can be problematic, not only because you are unable to communicate with them, but because you may not be fulfilling your regulatory obligations.


We can find your customers and members so that you can reengage. We have options that include full verification or simply providing you with a new address.


Your customers and members can often move overseas, making them more difficult to locate. You may have customers that you know are overseas, but have "gone away" from their last known address.


We deliver a high level of success when tracing customers and members that live overseas. We have options that include full verification and that cover all countries. 


Poor customer and member data is costly to your postage spend and to your reputation, if you are sending sensitive communications to the wrong address. 

Whatever the issue, we can help. We will analyse your data (accepting it in any format) and correct your data when needed, placing you in a position to save money and better manage your customers.


For some pension schemes it is essential to know the marital status of pension scheme members so that they can understand the future liabilities for the scheme, as well as ensure that they meet their obligations to members.

We can swiftly resolve this problem by appending a marital status and date of birth for the cohabitee of the member with success levels as high as 96%.


When your customers are deceased it can leave you at a standstill, especially if the informant of the death fails to complete the death claim.


We can identify and locate the legal representative so that you can pay out any monies due or close the account. Our efficient process will help you meet your promise to your customers and satisfy the regulators.

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