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Killik & Co join CTF Register

We are delighted that Killik & Co, have joined a growing list of esteemed clients to sign up for our Child Trust Fund Register, showing their commitment to re-uniting young people with their CTF’s.  These funds were set up by the Government for children born between 2002 and 2011 and were intended to give them a good financial start in life when they turned 18, however, many of them are laying unclaimed as the owners are either not aware of their existence, or how to access them.   


Data released by The Share Foundation shows that 1.45 million children in families that were in receipt of Child Tax Credit have lost touch with their account or never registered their Child Trust Fund. With each account worth on average £1500 at maturity, that’s over £2 billion sitting unclaimed. 


We co-founded the CTF register with The Share Foundation (, to bring together CTF providers with CTF owners in a seamless, efficient way and welcome Killik & Co to the growing list of providers that have signed up to this initiative. 


Killik & Co are an independently owned and award-winning wealth management Partnership.  Since 1989, they have been advising clients how to save, plan and invest for their families and futures and are a welcome addition to our CTF register. 


Killik & Co commented: “We are delighted to be joining the Child Trust Fund Register, who work tirelessly to bring young adults back together with their lost CTFs.  We have a shared ambition to empower the younger generation of savers and look forward to reuniting many ‘gone away’ CTF owners with their funds.”    


As custodians of Child Trust Funds, all CTF providers have a responsibility to attempt to reunite young people with their lost child trust fund. Leading financial services companies including Natwest, One Family, Foresters Financial and Killik & Co have shown their commitment to doing this by joining the Child Trust Fund Register and we urge all remaining providers to do so too. It is a simple, cost-effective process and the results can be life changing for the young people this scheme was intended to help. 

Click here for further details or contact us to discuss how we can help. 

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