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Comprehensive guide to implementing the Dormant Assets Scheme

Updated: 15 hours ago

I am delighted to present the index of our pioneering white paper, “Unlocking Potential, Engendering Trust: Implementing and Mastering the Dormant Assets Scheme” authored by industry consultant Stuart Erskine and featuring a foreword by me, Danielle Higgins, Managing Director of The Tracing Group (TTG).

With extensive experience in asset tracing and reunification, my leadership at TTG has been instrumental in navigating the intricate domain of dormant assets. I would like to share our expertise through this publication, offering an invaluable resource for your organisation.

This comprehensive guide will offer you a practical ‘how-to’ manual, meticulously designed to assist organisations like yours in effectively understanding and implementing the Dormant Assets Scheme. It goes beyond mere theory, providing actionable steps and strategies for tangible results.


We are extending a limited exclusive offer to the first 20 orders providing an in-depth one-to-one interactive session with both authors. This exclusive opportunity allows you to explore the white paper’s content more profoundly and engage directly with us to get answers to any questions you may have.



Foreword by Danielle Higgins, MD of The Tracing Group 

  • Introduction 

  • The Dormant Assets Scheme: Overview and Purpose 

  • The Dormant Assets Act 2022: Main Provisions and Scope 

  • This White Paper’s Aim: A Practical Guide for Organisations 


Part 1: Preparing for the Scheme 

  • Identifying Dormant Assets: Criteria and Methods 

  • Reuniting Owners with Their Assets: Best Practices and Obligations 

  • The Process of Transferring and Reclaiming Assets 

  • Reclaim Fund Ltd (RFL) Overview 

  • The Role and Activities of RFL 

  • Consumer Protection and the Right to Reclaim 

  • Managing and Distributing Funds 


Part 2: Implementing the Scheme 

  • Reporting and Auditing: Requirements and Standards 

  • Distributing Funds for Social and Environmental Purposes: Principles and Partners 

  • Building Trust and Positive Publicity: Effective Strategies 

  • Evaluating and Enhancing the Scheme: Feedback and Innovation 



  • The Scheme’s Benefits: For Owners, Organisations, and Society 

  • Addressing the Scheme’s Challenges: Regulation, Coordination, and Communication

  • The Scheme’s Future: Expansion, Adaptation, and Collaboration 


Pre-order your copy of this indispensable white paper today for only £2,000+VAT. 

Scheduled for delivery direct to your inbox on Wednesday 14th February 2024, it promises to be a significant asset to your organisation, with follow-up one-to-one meetings for the first 20 purchasers at a pre-agreed, mutually convenient time. 


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of this impactful initiative. Simply email me at to pre-order your copy now and secure your position as a proactive leader in enhancing organisational operations and public trust.

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