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Did GMP Equalisation leave you with unanswered questions around 'unlinked dependants'?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The process of GMP Equalisation has left many in the pensions sector grappling with complex questions, particularly around the topic of 'unlinked dependants.' These dependants, often not directly connected to the pension scheme records, present a unique challenge. Ensuring that they receive equitable treatment without a clear linkage requires a nuanced approach. Our team is dedicated to shedding light on this intricate issue and providing actionable insights to navigate the equalisation process effectively, ensuring that no dependant is overlooked and the integrity of your pension scheme is maintained.

Hear Danielle talk about this unintended consequence of GMP Equalisation, and how we at The Tracing Group can help. See our attached brief paper for further details.

Unlinked dependants solution
Download PDF • 1.04MB

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