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How we are helping pension schemes to locate "gone away" members

The Tracing Group specialise in screening and tracing individuals and their heirs on behalf of the Life and Pension sector.

We have recently completed a tracing project for a large UK based pension scheme whose pension members originate from a variety of backgrounds and nations. The project had a tight turnaround time and required each member that we traced to be fully verified, this in most cases involved contacting them at their current address. Within four weeks of our research commencing we had full verification of around 63% of the members we were asked to locate and within another two weeks we had located 70% of the total members we were asked to find.

This project came with many challenges; firstly, many of the records recorded for the pension members dated back to the early 1990s or before and around half of the members had very popular surname's (think John Smith!). Another factor was that due to the nature of the client’s business, many of the pension members had emigrated and with long delays in sending international post, we were limited in the steps that we could take.

Utilising our extensive experience in genealogical research we still managed to trace pension members that had emigrated to France, Australia, USA, Canada, the UAE as well as Thailand. We had a lot of success in tracing individuals based in the UK also and we received responses within a day of issuing our first correspondence.

The quality of the member communication was just as important to the client as the success levels that could be achieved. With this in mind, we were delighted to report that we received very positive feedback from all the pension members we dealt with. Our client was delighted with the levels of success that we achieved and commented that we had managed to locate a greater number in comparison to another tracing organisation.

We relish all challenges and no matter the age of our clients' data, we will always utilise our extensive experience to "find the unfindable" and support our clients to maintain high standards of of customer care when engaging in client contact.

We welcome all enquiries and would encourage schemes with gone away members to get in touch for a no obligation quotation.

T. +44 (0) 1603 937800



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