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The Tracing Group launches Validentity tool for verifying the identity of individual pension members

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

male and female using the mobile phones surrounded in technology
male and female using the mobile phones surrounded in technology

The Tracing Group has launched Validentity to widespread praise from users: “The process was so simple, it took just 5 minutes and was so much more convenient than the old form filling.Customer testimonial Validentity is an innovative technology solution designed to reduce pension fraud by verifying the identity of individual pension members, in particular, those that have moved overseas. The Tracing Group has been engaged by pension companies to use the tool to confirm the identity and “liveness” of their pension members living overseas. This cutting-edge system uses a unique combination of the latest technology including face biometrics and ‘liveness’ testing. “We are very excited about the scope of this product, which we feel will be particularly useful in overseas existence checks, as well as identity checking for UK based pension members transitioning from deferred to pensioner status, a process which is traditionally very paper dependent and time consuming for both member and administrator,” explains Danielle Higgins, Managing Director of The Tracing Group. Validentity is delivered through a website ( which the customer accesses via a unique code supplied to them in a letter or as part of their “wake up” process. “We worked hard to provide a user-friendly customer interface, easily accessible to customers of all ages,” adds Danielle. The first step of the Validentity identification verification process involves the individual submitting an identity document, such as a passport or driving license, to the website for scanning and cross referencing against information held on file. “At the very first stage of the process, data quality is critical - we need to know that the address information held on file for the customer is correct,” explains Danielle. Biometrics is defined as the identification of an individual based on biological traits, such as fingerprints, iris patterns and facial features. “Biometrics offer many advantages of improved security over other measures such as the use of passwords which can be easily forged, guessed or lost,” adds Danielle. An effective liveness detection tool must work to the lowest common denominator, which means the oldest model of mobile phone currently in use. “The liveness detection test will ask the customer to perform a couple of simple tasks such as turning their head to align with the image box on screen,” explains Danielle. For further information about Validentity contact The Tracing Group on 01603 937800 or visit

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