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Video: Find My Child Trust Fund

As a key part of the campaign to raise awareness of unclaimed Child Trust Funds among young people, Sharefound is providing a series of virtual events for any young person aged 16 and over and born in the UK from 1 September 2002. The events are specially designed for those who don’t know about their Child Trust Fund account, which is likely to be worth £1,000 or more.

The event starts with two short video presentations after a brief introduction and a poll to assess general awareness of the account. Young people learn about what a Child Trust fund is and why they may have one in their name. Then the second presentation explores how to find a Child Trust Fund account and the options available to a young person once they find it.

Here is the excellent Sharefound video that is used to help young people find their Child Trust Fund:

The purpose of these virtual events is to help young people find their accounts: there is no charge of any kind. The events are professionally managed and recorded. Further information can be found here

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